Raw Cashew Processing Project:

Most Cashew Producing countries in Africa, export their produce of Raw Cashew Nuts to Vietnam and India without any value addition.  We have been specializing in setting up Cashew Processing factories in Africa,  to enable cashew producers, to add value to their own produce ingeniously  and enjoy the benefits. We assist entrepreneurs on Africa to establish commercially and technically viable Cashew Processing Plant to the capacity they need.  Our fully integrated automatic processing line can reduce labor force by 40 to 50 per cent, speed up daily production and provide maximum output with minimum breakage.  Our automated Raw Cashew Nut Shelling Machines are very successful, with minimum uncut nuts and less than 2% broken nut. Shelling machines are equipped with automatic shell separation and shell removal facilities.

We provide complete project services from planning, supply of equipment, installation, commissioning, production training and after sales services.

NPK Fertilizer Blending & Bagging Plant:

Fertilizer blending provides solution to farmers to have the correct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorous, potash, and micro nutrients. With increased use of soil analysis and scientific crop management, fertilizer blending is often the best solution to provide farmers exactly what their crops require. Blending also makes inventory simpler for fertilizer suppliers, as they can meet about any analysis requirement quickly and efficiently.

Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash and micro nutrients must be blended accurately to the prescribed levels to get the right combination with the aid of software driven computerised calibration methods.  Individual Weigh batchers automatically weigh & discharge the selected ingredient in measured quantity as per the selected recipe to surge hopper. Surge hopper is having load cell to confirm whether the desired ingredient for each batch quantity has been received or not. Providing accurate and reliable blending of dry soluble fertilizers. Quality control is automatically incorporated during the production process.  We can offer fully integrated plant for Blending and Bagging to customers need.

Tomato Processing Plant:

Tomatoes are widely grown in all parts of the world.  Tomato, like other vegetables/fruits is a perishable commodity and has a shorter shelf life in normal temperature. Therefore, excess quantities produced during the season need to be processed and packed, instead allow the produce to perish within its shelf life.Indeed, tomato consumption by the food processing industry revolves around the availability of user friendly intermediate products like tomato paste, puree, ketchup and sauces.

Products, such as tomato paste/puree have potential demand with local fruit/vegetable processors as well as the retail market. Establishment of tomato processing facilities in the country can contribute in reducing the dependence of local industry on imported tomato paste. Tomato paste and puree are commonly consumed commodities in every household.

We offer complete plant for tomato sauce, ketchup, and puree and tomato juice.  Plant capacity starting form 2 tons per hour onwards.

Biscuit & Bread Plant:

We offer both cutting and moulding variety of biscuit plants up to 1500 mm wide machine with  200 mm to 400 mm diameter for die roller, all depending of the production capacity of the client. Every care is taken to design the machines to ensure hygienic production condition.  All contact parts are made from stainless steel material

Our baking oven can be electric, diesel, gas or heavy fuel oil which are most economical for the most economical running for the client. Travelling ovens are constructed from high quality stainless steel with zone wise electronic temperature control stations to ensure accurate temperature for baking.  We offer fully integrated plant from one manufacturing unit, including packing machines the clients packing requirement.

Pulp & Paper Mill Equipment:

Complete pulp and Paper Mill equipment to recycle waste paper into Pulp & Paper is our specialty. We undertake projects from 10 TPD to 100 TPD.  We have close ties with manufactures world-wide for the supply of suitable equipment for your project. Our special pulping, dewatering, head boxes and boilers have gained reputation in many recycling plants.  We also, specialize in paper converting lines, rewinding and slitting machines.

Saw Mill Project:

We have been supplying wood working and sawmill equipment and have the credit of setting up various saw mills in Africa. Worldwide thousands of satisfied and happy customers are proof of ability to supply appropriate saw mill and wood working equipment.  We offer self powered horizontal and vertical band saw.  Also, we can set up complete wood working factory.  Double saw blade angle saw mill, Twin blade edger, Wood Slasher, Circular saw with table are within our range of machines supplied.,

Bamboo Processing Plant

Bamboo flooring and bamboo board are the newest and most revolutionary products in woodworking industry. Bamboo sticks are made from the bamboo pole, and then hydraulically laminated under high and pressure;the resulting boards are then sanded, moulded and finished similar to wood flooring. The finished product is protected against fungus and insects. Bamboo flooring and bamboo board manufactured  and fully tested in labs in America, Europe, Japan and been shown to superior to most hardwoods in terms of hardness, stability and fire resistance.

Bamboo board has the additional advantage of being made from an abundant, renewable natural resource. The market for bamboo as a wood substitute–and beautiful decoration product in its own right–will only increase as it begins to be applied for a variety of functions: flooring, panelling, furniture, gift items, etc.

We have supplied and installed fully integrated line of specialized machinery for making bamboo flooring, panelling and boards from the raw bamboo to the finished product. This includes bamboo cutting, splitting, drying, sizing, gluing, pressing, molding , sanding and UV coating machines. Also, we have the experience and ability to provide complete training and transfer of technology to our clients.

Bottling Plant

Offering fully automatic and semi-automatic, complete Mineral water bottling plants, 4000 BPH, 8000 BPB and 12000 BPH. Lines consisting of water storage tanks, chlorine dozing system,filters,dozing system, reverse osmosis system, mineral dozing system, UV sterilization unit, PET Blow Moulding line, Filling line, Capping line, BOPP Wrap around labelling machine etc.  We provide complete technical support for setting up the plant, including installation and commissioning of the project for our clients.

Scope of Project Management