Our modular building designs can be adapted to accommodate each client’s individual requirements, for hospital, schools, office blocks, sports and leisure buildings, social housing etc. Modular buildings can be as technologically equipped as a permanent structure, at a fraction of the cost.

Superior design, delivery and installation practices mean that quality modular buildings can be installed quickly and efficiently, with the minimum time for design, manufacture and installation. Modular buildings are designed to last for as long as you need, with minimum maintenance.

Today’s pre-engineered l buildings can be hospitals, community centres, aircraft hangers, schools, sports arenas or even social housing.  The structures can incorporate many architectural finishes—including masonry, brick, tilt-up, ornamental metal or stucco façades—while still being cost

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Our Partners for Pre-Engineered Building solution

Basic elements apply to all pre-engineered buildings: primary rigid frames, secondary members (wall girts and roof purlins), cladding and bracing. All of those elements work together to create an efficient building system. Engineered systems are designed to code and withstand extreme loading from disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

Pre-Engineered” is no longer an accurate term.  All these buildings are “custom” engineered using automated design programs.  The building is fabricated at the manufacturer’s plant and assembled at the client’s site.

Pre-engineered building system manufacturers use computer tools to custom design each building system and all building components based on each customer’s needs and specifications.Based on local and national building codes, each building system is engineered to the required dimensions and designed to meet the loading conditions with the specified material. Once the building is designed and detailed, computerized instructions are sent to the fabrication plant where steel members and panels are cut to exact standards. Complete MEP work is done on the shop floor and tested before despatched to the site for installation.


Hospital buildings require some of the most demanding standards of precision, quality and integrity in construction. They are also governed by some of the most stringent building regulations of any industry. Our partners, with over 120 hospital buildings to their credit, have the knowhow and experience to share and we are fully committed to execute the any project in time.  We can deliver outstanding health care facilities; could it be patient wards, operation theatre, out-patient department, A&E Department or even a complete hospital building with all facilities as per customer requirement.

  • This precision custom manufacturing also reduces construction waste.
  • Reduces construction time
  • Reduces site activities
  • Reduce number of contractors on site
  • Reduces site disruption
  • Reduce health and safety risk
  • Reduce constrains onsite parking during construction time
  • Increase site utilization
  • Increase life cycle even up to 100 years.
  • Increase Manufacturer’s warranty up to 40 years
  • On time and on budget is guaranteed as the production time is programmed at the time of contract.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Modular Buildings